Recently a church in Lousiana reached out to us for help. Due to logistics, Convoy of Hope could not get there on the ground until much later. In between times, people were getting hungry and in need of basic supplies such as non-perishable food, baby food, and formula, along with diapers.
We put out a post to our community and supporters that we would plan to leave on Saturday morning with our trailer full.
We are so grateful that so many came out with full supply! Within 48 hours of getting a phone call to see if we could help, we were able to borrow a truck (thank you GW) and a trailer that could be pulled by the truck (thank you Mr. Paul) and fill the trailer with the help of faithful supporters of Answers to Prayers.
We went and returned home from a very quick trip to The Mission Church in Hammond LA. At the time, they were the only church handing out water, food, etc. to the community that was hit by Ida. 
On top of that, after the trailer was filled and could not hold anything else, we received a text from Prayer Mountain that they were going to underwrite the expenses of the trip to Hammond LA.
This whole beautiful experience left tears in our eyes. We left early Saturday morning to make the 12 hour trip to Hammond from Isabella Missouri. We arrived with Pastor Scott and Crystal Boney waiting for us. We expected to sleep on an air mattress in the church with no electricity, but… God had another plan!
About 1 hour before we arrived the electricity was back on at the church. But… Miss Crystal’s dad opened his home to us as his electricity was back on earlier on Saturday. So God’s idea of us roughing it was an air-conditioned room, a comfortable bed, our own bathroom, and hosts that were so delightful to fellowship with! I really like God’s plans so much better than ours.
Because we are so blessed, we were able to help Pastor Scott and Crystal to be able to bless their community. Our Lord is so good to us. Thank you all for being a blessing! You are…
Helping people in need — One family at a time

Sue & Roger Desmarais / Answers To Prayers

Turkey Creek Junction  – Unit 144

Hollister, Missouri