What an awesome God we have!
We are ending the year at the boutique with a bang! On the last days of the year, we were blessed with 2 medium size packing boxes from Home Depot filled with mostly new women’s clothing. Most were winter weight and really a nice selection. Very few had been worn. Thank you for thinking about us and blessing us with winter clothing. Several pieces already left today. We are so grateful!
Finally, we have compiled the totals for last year, 2020. I was amazed at the goodness of our Lord. We had 1,235 clients and visitors sign our logbook. The amount of clothing and shoes that we were able to bless individuals with totaled 4,770 items. Then looking at personal hygiene kits and miscellaneous items like jewelry, pocketbooks, sleeping bags, tents, etc. were 1,075.
In the 1st seven months of the year, the food items were mostly non-perishable and the last 5 months included fresh food items as well as non-perishable items. For the year, we ended by blessing a total of 16,700 units of food to our underprivileged neighbors and homeless individuals. A unit of food is a pound, a box., a can, a bag, etc.
Without the support of Prayer Mountain, we could not have accomplished the task. Without our volunteers, we could not have been opened 5 days a week. Without our faithful partners and supports, we could not have kept the boutique full of items to bless our clients/neighbors with.
Because of our faithful supports, we have been able to follow the vision both Roger and I were given over 5 years ago. The vision was to bring dignity back to the homeless and underprivileged by showing them the love of our Lord by meeting the physical and spiritual needs. We were to do this by blessing them with new or like-new clothing, food, and personal hygiene kits at no cost to them. It is such a pleasure to see a child with a new pair of shoes or to see a parent’s face as they will be able to feed their family today.
Thank you just does not seem to be enough to express our feelings and thankfulness to everyone involved with our ministry to be able to show everyone who walks through our doors the love of our Lord.
We know that 2021 will be greater, blessing more individuals and families with their basic human needs and sharing the love of our Lord with them.