Getting ready to bless about 110 children for Christmas:

The inventory has been decreasing very quickly over the past few weeks. The younger children’s clothing was extremely low. So “a shopping I go”. I restocked the clothing some of the smaller sizes, still need to do more, hanging on our racks for less than about 2 hours and they started to go. Thank you, Lord, for helping us to bless the kids, both little and big. Monday will be our Christmas distribution for over 100 kids in the Branson area. Pictures will follow. All kids should have gifts under their Christmas trees, so someone ought to help and our Lord sent us!

Santa had his final fitting this afternoon. Santa is getting very excited about delivering over 200 gifts to about 100 kids. Homemade cookies and hot chocolate will be served and pictures will be taken with Santa and the children.

On Monday, we had a wrapping party. About 1/3 of the gifts are already wrapped. We are hoping by December 7th, we will have everything wrapped for this project. Chick-Fil-A, Branson blessed us with meal cards for 20 meals. Our teenage boys will be happy when they get these gift cards.

We are so thankful for all of the supporters we have that allow us to make this type of commitment to bless so many local kids.

A few days ahead, Jen received a wonderful donation of 5 brand new pairs of jeans and 5 blankets! Thanks again Mr. & Mrs. Rodman. We are soooo blessed.

And even in the middle of preparing for the Christmas blessings, we were still able to bless 12 families with fresh food. Many were happy to learn that we had fresh milk, so we offered family size boxes of cereal to go with the milk and fresh food.