So many blessings pouring in in November – tents, jeans, gifts for the holidays coming up…

We were blessed with all these like new and new toys to distribute at Christmas time to our area kids. I think that we will have a lot of happy kids in about 5 weeks. Thank you so much Heather to allow our ministry to be your ground to plant these seeds into! 

We were blessed with over $1000 of new men’s jeans and sweatshirts and over $2,000 of new tents. Our God is so awesome. We now have tents for our clients that are homeless and warm tops and jeans for the guys. All total we were blessed with 17 tents, 16 pairs of men’s jeans, and 7 oversized sweatshirts for our larger guys. Thank you so much, Miss Tandy, for blessing our clients. You are truly the hands and feet of our Lord! 🙏🥰❤️