We want to share on the number of visitors to Answers To Prayers Boutique. From July 1st thru the 17th, we have been blessed with over 60 clients/visitors. We have been able to bless them with clothing, shoes, personal hygiene kits, and food. It is such a blessing to be able to do this but it is only possible by God’s grace.
Last Saturday, July 18th, was our monthly outreach at the Yacht Club in Hollister. We were able to ministry, serve hot meals, and bless over 50 people. It seemed a little slow this month, but the prayers, fellowship, blessings,  and food were awesome.
We had blessed JD with new shoes about 5 weeks ago. Then JD was helping another man who had only 1 shoe, so JD took off his new pair of shoes and gave them to the man who only had 1 shoe. When we found out about the act of kindness, we decided that it was only right to re-bless JD with another new pair of shoes.
Our street minister, Ashley, was able to bless a homeless man by fixing his cart that held all of the homeless man’s possessions. The cart needed new wheels, so Ashley went out purchased and installed the new wheels on the cart.
Each of our monthly outreaches brings in new individuals and different needs that the team tries very hard to meet them all.
The following is what Answers To Prayers was able to bless the people with:
July 2020 God’s Café Outreach
Total Item
2 Family Size Bags of Cereal
3 Family Size Bottle of Katsup
3 Family Size bottle of Mustard
1 Pork & Beans
6 Can of Salmon
2 Peaches (15 oz can)
2 Individual Size Applesauce
2 Pasta or Egg Noodles (1 pound boxes)
3 Cans of Spaghetti Sauce
4 Peanut Butter
1 Small White Beans (1/2 pound)
2 Chicken in a can
2 Ramen Noodles (chicken Flavor)
4 Cans of Soups
8 Personal Hygiene Kits (adults)
10 Men’s shirts
7 Pair of Men’s Jeans or shorts
9 Lady’s Tops
9 Lady’s Pants or shorts