May Days are in Full Swing Thanks to Donors and Volunteers! On Friday morning we were blessed with 180 boxes of fresh food and about 200 gallons of milk. We were able to bless 75 people on Friday then on Saturday morning we hosted a free fresh food drive-thru. We had 14 volunteers to help pray for individuals and help pass out the food. In 2 hours we were able to bless 80 more families. this is the first drive thru that we actually had just enough food, not any extra, but no one was turn away. Of the 14 volunteers, there was a couple along with their child that helped on their wedding anniversary. God has blessed our ministry with such faithful volunteers. A special “Thank You” for all that helped to make this food drive-thru a huge success.
Helping people in need — One family at a time

Sue & Roger Desmarais / Answers To Prayers

Turkey Creek Junction  – Unit 144

Hollister, Missouri