The summaries are completed for October 2020. The boutique had 160 visitors with 33% of them visiting for the 1st time. We were able to bless individuals and families with over 400 items of clothing and shoes, along with over 3,700 items of food. We were also closed the last week of the month due to no heat and we had to change out stock.
We are so thankful to celebrate… It was 1 year ago that we dedicated the boutique to the work of the Lord and what a year it has been. We are so thankful to be able to bless so many people!
For the month of October, we were blessed with 100 boxes of fresh food that were donated by Pastor Jim Bakker ministry and in return, this allows Answers to Prayers to bless over 124 families with fresh food. It has been such fun to see how pleased individuals are to receive fresh food, good at its peak fresh food. We give our Lord all the praise for this.