Last night we blessed over 100 kids with their early presents. Every child had a picture taken, along with group pictures with their siblings. Hot chocolate & homemade cookies were served to each child.
We are so blessed and to see the excitement on the faces of the kids makes all the work worth it. There was one young girl about 8 years old who had just added a toy to her list for Santa, but God delivered the exact one that she wanted a few days early. God knew that she wanted it and she got her wish. Of course, God leads us to give it to her and not some other girl when we were wrapping the gifts. Our Lord just knows how to put everything together.
We would like to send out a very special thanks to the Wages’ and Bauers’ who help to make this possible. Thank you “A” team! ❤☃
And, because our supporters have such huge hearts… the giving continued even after December 25, with an awesome day at the boutique: both of these baskets pictured were filled with items for the boutique. We received about 10 kids’ coats, sizes 2 thru 5 for both boys and girls. The ladies’ heavy tops and men’s thermal weight shirts. Thank you for supporting our ministry. It is because of people like you that allow us to bless individuals at no cost. Two of the men’s shirts have already left, less than 2 hours after they were hung on the racks. Yes, your seed has already been planted! We are so blessed, our God is so good to us.