New Season, New Shoes, New Freezer, and 100 Farm to Table Food boxes!

In April we were blessed with 100 boxes of food from the “Farm to Table” program that was distributed by Morningside. Within 2 hours, all the boxes were gone. Thank You, Pastor Jim Bakker & the Morningside family for thinking of us in Hollister.

Also in April, Answers To Prayers purchased a 6 ft long chest freezer. Between Sunday and Monday, the ministry received blessing totally the exact amount the freezer cost from very unexpected sources. Then 3 days later, we were blessed with 6 banana boxes filled with fresh bread, making the new our 6 ft chest freezer already half full.
We have been changing out the winter clothing for the spring clothing in the Boutique. Lots of winter shoes were packed up for the fall, thus we had almost no shoes left. Well, Again the Lord is looking out for us and He sent 114 pairs of shoes, 4 hoodies, 77 pairs of underwear and 23 pairs of jeans. All of this blessing is 100% new items. Thank you Jon for transporting these items from Ohio to Hollister. 🥰🙏